Conference fee


Due to technical problems with the registration for ,,Bratislava Legal Forum 2023"conference, which was caused by the failure of the conference registration system, we are extending the possibility to register for the conference with the below discount until August 13, 2023.

PARTICIPANTS REGISTERED untill 13 August 2023:

  • 100 € (including VAT) for in-person participation
  • 75 € (including VAT) for online participation

PARTICIPANTS REGISTERED from 14 August 2023 to 21 August 2023:

  • 130 € (including VAT) for in-person participation
  • 100 € (including VAT) for online participation


  • 70 € (including VAT) for in-person participation
  • 50 € (including VAT) for online participation

The fee have to be paid solely by a wire transfer based on an e-invoice that will be issued upon the registration for the conference.

In the event that a person does not eventually participate in the conference or fails to submit his/her paper, he/she shall have no right to recover the conference fee.