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Rule of Law as a Value Common to all Member States and its Impact to National Law and International Law

International Law and International Relations Section
Language: SK/CZ/EN

Roman-Canonic Impacts on Modern Continental Law

Roman Law, Canon Law, Ecclesiastical Law and Legal History and Comparative Law Section.
Language: SK/CZ/EN

Law and Technology in the 21st Century through the Lens of European Law

Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law Section
Language: SK/CZ/EN

Procedural Principles of the Right to a Fair Trial in Administrative Punishment

Administrative Law and Environmental Law Section
Language: SK/CZ/EN

The Clash of Conservative and Progressive Values in Law

Theory of Law and Philosophy of Law Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Working and Living Conditions of Women in the 21st Century

Labor Law and Social Security Law Section
Language: SK/CZ/EN

Unwritten Law of the European Union

European Law Section
Language: EN

Europeanization of Criminal Law and Principles of the Rule of Law

Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminalistics Section
Language: SK/CZ/EN

Current Challenges of Criminal Law

Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminalistics Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN