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State as a Protector and Violator of Individual Rights

Constitutional Law Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Rule of Law in International Law and International Law in the Rule of Law

International Law and International Relations Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Confidence and Lack of Confidence in the Law, its Formulation and Implementation from Historical Perspective

Roman Law, Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law and Legal History and Comparative Law Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

New Regulation of Digital Services: Miracle Cure or Missed Opportunity?

Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law section. Language: EN

Balancing Public and Private Interests in Environmental Protection

Environmental Law and Climate Law Section. Language: EN/SK/CZ

Transparency in Financial and Commercial Law

Financial Law Section, Commercial Law and Economic Law and Economic Sciences Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Legal Liability and Autonomy

Theory of Law and Philosophy of Law Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Technological and Ethical Challenges for Labour Law and Social Security Law

Labour Law and Social Security Law section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Autonomy of Subjects in the 21st Century

Civil Law section. Language: SK/CZ/EN

Current Challenges of Criminal Law

Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminalistics Section. Language: SK/CZ/EN