Roman Law, Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law and Legal History and Comparative Law Section

Confidence and Lack of Confidence in the Law, its Formulation and Implementation from Historical Perspective

The topic of the section is, first of all, the identification of traditional institutions in the law, the application of which is threatened by a crisis of confidence of those authorities, which formulate and implement the law. The level of confidence of both public legal and lay communities is threatened by an unqualified and situational approach to the process of formulation of law and arbitrariness, or an frivolous activist approach in its implementation in the administrative sphere, but above all in the judicial power. We want to point out the importance of historical memory and experience, that extend from the time of Roman law, which continue with Canon law, the reception of Roman law and the development of law in Hungary, respectively on the territory of Slovakia until the present day.

Guarantors of the section:

prof. Mgr. Miroslav Lysý, PhD.

prof. JUDr. Matúš Nemec, PhD.

prof. JUDr. Mgr. Vojtech Vladár, PhD.